The friendly little events on the Lincolnshire Coast.

Vigilantes Running was born out of a desire to see fun, accessible, and not-at-all to be taken-too-seriously marathons in a quiet corner of England, where until now, such races just didn’t exist. There’s a great community of long-distance runners “over here”, but no events for us to enjoy. Of course, we welcome runners from everywhere to come and join us in our little corner of England, to enjoy our coast and to sample our hospitality.

Cheap Premier Inn

I've just booked a room at the Premier Inn for the Maravan weekend. It's currently only £31 for the Friday night, we can usually sort you out a 2 for 1 voucher at the restaurant as well.

At those prices, and with entry fees among the lowest around, it makes sense to get in early...


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Entries for 2018 now open

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Some photos

Anne-Marie Fowler ran on both days, and has shared these photos with us

Sunday Half Marathon Results

Results for the Vigilantes "Are you running a Mara, or a Van?" Half Marathon (thanks to Paul Watts) are here:

Glad to be able to accommodate Saltaire's finest!

Sunday Marathon Results

New course record from Mike Wells, celebrating his 4th anniversay of running at least 5km every single day.

Gary Thwaites and Melanie Horan, both from the wonderful North-East Marathon Club (whose events I highly recommend), take home the accolades of the double marathon, and I think some kind of prize might be necessary...

Thanks all for taking part.

Results here:

Saturday Results

I've counted everybody in, and I've counted everybody out.

Results for the full marathon are here:


Start/Finish, baggage tent, registration, feeding tation etc at "Event Village"

Parking either at "Main" car park, "SPAR" shop or "Buck Beck car park. Motorhomes and campervans can often be found in the Buck Beck car park. They're all a couple of minutes' walk from the start. Leave 10 minutes to be safe.

From the bus stops or Premier inn, there is a small wooden gate at the park entrance by the big sign, and we'll be through there.


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