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The Cleethorpes Maravan Festival of Running


The great thing about living at the seaside is that during the winter months, there’s plenty of empty roads to run on. The worst thing about living on the seaside is that there aren’t many people around to share the empty roads with.

Inspired by this, Vigilantes Running is proud to present “The Maravan”, a unique Marathon Double event run on the almost empty roads of a virtually deserted caravan park.

With the aim of providing a fun, sociable event which doesn’t take itself too seriously, with an interesting venue and a local flavour, all finishers will receive a Vigilantes medal for each day, along with a quality goody bag.

Perfectly acceptable for 100 club membership, this 7-lapper will be run under ARC regulations. Permit number TBA for both days – permit will be displayed at Race HQ.

1 day £26.50/£28.50

Or if you’re not up to the full marathon, there’s a half on the Sunday, or the famous 4-berth Maravan relay on the Saturday.

Entries open now.

Ready to enter?
follow this link for the Saturday Marathon https://www.evententry.co.uk/saturday-maravan-2018,
this link for Sunday Marathon https://www.evententry.co.uk/sunday-maravan-2018,
this link for Saturday’s Relays https://www.evententry.co.uk/maravan-4-berth-relay-2018
or this link for Sunday’s Half Marathon https://www.evententry.co.uk/maravan-half-2018