The Maravan

The Cleethorpes Maravan Double


Hopefully our philosophy is straightforward and our aims are clear. Below, we should be able to answer any questions you have about our event. However, if you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Ready to enter?
follow this link for Saturday,
or this link for Sunday

When is this happening?
There are full marathons on two days, the 23rd and 24th November 2019, both days starting at 9am.

What’s in it for me?
Apart from the joy of completing a marathon, you mean? You will receive each day…
1) A custom designed finisher’s medal.
2) Feeding station every 3.7 miles, approximately, with water and nibbles, coke, crisps, cake and more, much of which will be vegan, for all our plant-based friends.
3) A stick of rock or other seaside confection.

How do I get there?
Thorpe Park is situated in Humberston, at the eastern end of Cleethorpes. Brown signs bring you into Cleethorpes from elsewhere. Follow Signs for “Pleasure Island”. There are a pair of free car parks on the campsite, and another at “Buck Beck”, a short walk from the start.

Cleethorpes has a railway station, although no trains will arrive in time for the race start on Sunday. From near the station, buses numbers 9 and 45 run to North Sea Lane, close to the race start.

When do I get my race number?
You’ll pick this up on race day morning from the race HQ by the touring site reception, or from the Brewer’s Fayre down the road the night before if you fancy stopping by.

Are there time limits?
Time is restricted by the hours of daylight. We don’t want you having to do lots of laps in the dark. Sunset in 2017 was 4:10, and by 4:30 it was starting to get too dark to see properly. If you’re likely to be out on your last lap

Do you have secure baggage facilities
No. However, the start/finish area will be manned permanently from the start of the race to the arrival of the final runner. Car parks are also very close to the course, so you might prefer to keep your kit there, especially if it is wet.

What’s the running surface like?
The course is run around a large holiday park. The largest in Europe, so I believe. It’s paved throughout. The route sticks to the access roads for the statics and the touring park. There are a couple of sections of off-road, no more than a couple of hundred metres per lap.

Is the course traffic-free?
Not officially. However, a private campsite in late November will not have much traffic, if any at all. Just a few hardy caravan owners. There are a couple of road crossings which you will need to watch out for – I’ll try to keep them marshalled.

Will there be feeding stations?
Once every lap you will return to base, where there will be water, cola, squash and other goodies – including my wife’s brownie – for all runners.

Are there any facilities at the start/finish area?
There’s somewhere to store your bags, and usually a gazebo for a brew if you need one. There’s a shop just yards away for breakfast or anything you may have forgotten, and there’ll be toilets.

Are there any toilet or drink facilities on the route?
Toilets will be available at the start/finish area, and therefore every 6km or so. Please don’t irrigate the grass or bushes on the course, or they won’t invite me back.

Can I use an ipod or mp3 player on the course?
Yes. Though please be aware that the park is not closed for the winter, so there is the possibility of the very occasional car, child on a bike, family group walking a dog etc and we’d ask you to pay attention to hazards.

Are these events official?
Yes. They are held under ARC Rules. Permits from the Association of Running Clubs will be available for inspection at base camp if required. Additionally our races are recognised as eligible events by the 100 Marathon Club.

Can I run with my dog?
Yes the course is open to dogs. There will be other dog walkers out. Please clean up after your pet.

Is this a commercial marathon?
No. We’re putting this event on out of the kindness of our hearts. Any surplus after costs will go into upgrading the medal, the refeshment station, and if there’s anything left, extra mementoes. If there should still be anything left, the few pennies will go to good causes. Leftover food and drink are donated to the local foodbank the day after the event.

Ready to enter?
follow this link for Saturday,
or this link for Sunday